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Los Angeles Aesthetic Medicine Services

Noninvasive Rejuvenating Treatments

Cosmetic aesthetic treatments were once considered a high-end luxury only available to a select few. Fortunately, recent advancements in medicine have made these services more cost-effective and accessible. Aesthetic Medicine has become a much more standard service to anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty. At My Aesthetic Doctor, we are pleased to provide a wide range of affordable treatment options.

What We Offer

While the treatments we offer are conservative by nature, Results rejuvenate and restore your appearance but are subtle enough that most people would not notice that you’ve had treatment.

Treatments we offer include:

  • Fillers: Restore fullness to areas of the face like the cheeks,Naso Labial  folds and lips
  • Botox & Xeomin: Stop wrinkles in their tracks with this fast and effective injectable treatments
  • Kybella:  Smooth out your profile with this injectable treatment  that destroys fat cells in the chin region., and targets fat around the chin and neck
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Reveal brighter, healthier, more beautiful skin with our skin rejuvenation treatments that include  microneedling and Aquagold

Helping You Look & Feel Your Best

All treatments are personally administered by certified Aesthetic doctor, Dr. Elham Fakhre. We take our patients' wishes very seriously and will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to meets your needs. Less is more when it comes to Aesthetic Medicine, and we take a conservative approach in our practice to avoid any adverse effects. These treatments not only enhance your natural beauty, they give you a more rested and refreshed look in minutes with minimal downtime.

For more information about aesthetic medicine treatments, contact us online or call (323) 784-0577.

Beauty With Care

When Only The Best Will Do
  • Board Certified Physician

    All treatments are administered by Dr. Elham Fakhre, MD, not a nurse or phsyicians assistant.

  • Modest Approach

    Less Is More. In order to give the best results Dr. Fakhre believes in gradual volume increase over time.

  • Experience & Expertise

    Aesthetic Medicine is an art. With Dr. Fakhre enhances beauty while maintaining a natural look.