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Los Angeles PDO Thread Lift

Regain Your Youthful Glow with the Nonsurgical Facelift Alternative

Looking to improve the appearance of sagging facial skin, but hesitant about considering a surgical facelift? There is good news: You can improve your facial contours through lifting, tightening, and sculpting the face, all without the need to go under the knife. Enter, the PDO thread lift, a nonsurgical facelift alternative requiring no incisions and no downtime. PDO thread lifts tighten sagging of the cheeks, brows, neck, undereye area, crow’s feet, jawline, and almost any other area of the face that you’d like to smooth out.

At My Aesthetic Doctor, we invite you to discover how this groundbreaking, nonsurgical facelift alternative produces excellent results for adults looking for firmer, younger, and plumper facial skin. Your PDO thread lift in Los Angeles will be performed by a board-certified physician, Dr. Elham Fakhre, never a nurse or physician’s assistant.

The Minimally Invasive PDO Thread Lift Procedure

PDO thread lifts are effective cosmetic procedures that address fine lines, wrinkles, and facial sagging by injecting small polydioxanone (PDO) threads underneath the facial skin with a small needle. These fine, dissolvable threads act as anchors and lift the skin upward, and the material in the threads stimulates the body to produce collagen and tissue contraction. The entire procedure only takes about 45 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

As weeks pass following your PDO thread lift, your skin will continue to plump up and get firmer. By 6 months out, you’ll notice optimal results as the threads have completely resorbed into the skin. Around 9 months post-PDO thread lift, you may opt to repeat the procedure to continue stimulating your natural collagen production. You may also want to explore the benefits of facial fillers to complete your beauty transformation and enhance the benefits of the PDO thread lift.

Types of PDO Threads

PDO thread lifts involve 3 different kinds of threads: smooth, twisted, and barbed. Each type has a unique function.

Smooth threads promote collagen production in the treatment area surrounding the thread, and the smooth threads can be crisscrossed to tighten skin into the desired position. Twisted threads act as anchors and support structures for the skin, to lift sagging skin of the lower face. Barbed threads combine the benefits of both smooth and twisted threads: they firm and reposition facial skin and help with collagen stimulation.

The type and placement of your threads depend on the treatment plan you’ve made with Dr. Fakhre, based on your aesthetic goals.

Should I Get a Facelift or a PDO Thread Lift?

If you want a subtle yet noticeable difference in your face but you aren’t ready or don’t want a surgical facelift, a PDO thread lift could be perfect for you. Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for the outcome of a PDO thread lift. During your consultation with Dr. Fakhre, you can learn more about thread lifts and discuss your desired results so she can work with you to create a customized beauty treatment regimen.

You may be a good candidate for a PDO thread lift if you are looking for the following:

  • Natural results: The procedure involves no incisions, so there are no scars left behind.
  • Comfortable: We use local and topical anesthetic to ensure patient comfort.
  • Virtually painless recovery: Unlike a facelift that requires surgery, you won’t be subjected to a lengthy and painful recovery.
  • No downtime: You can return to your daily activities right after your appointment.
  • Lasting results: Peak results are noticeable about 6 months after your procedure, and may last for up to 2 years, after which you may wish to repeat the PDO thread lift.
  • Quick procedure: Most patients are in and out of our office for their PDO thread lift within an hour.
  • Minimal side effects: Patients experience only minor discomfort, such as mild bruising or swelling, after their appointment.
  • Safe: These include tenderness and mild swelling or bruising in the treatment sites. The latest thread lift techniques have all but eliminate the side effects of older thread lifts, such as threads breaking or infection.
  • Less expensive than a facelift: The cost of a PDO thread lift varies on a patient-by-patient basis, depending on the treatment area, the type and number of threads used, and if you are undergoing additional beauty enhancement procedures.

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Dr. Elham Fakhre understands how you want quick and effective cosmetic procedures. That’s why we offer many non- and minimally invasive beauty services to address your cosmetic concerns.

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